Boult Audio Zigbuds TWS Earbuds – Design, Build, and Sound Quality

Boult Audio Zigbuds TWS earbuds were recently launched in India and it is available on amazon. In this guide, you will find why these earbuds are worth buying. Additionally, we will provide a lot of other information such as its sound quality, design and build quality, special features of Boult Audio Zigbuds TWS Earbuds.

Design and Build Quality

The earbuds are comfortable and are lightweight. There are many earbuds that are very bulky but these earbuds are pretty small and good looking too. Its case is very compact and has mat finishing that gives it a premium look.

The look of earbuds is too good with dual-tone colours. Dual-tone and the blue light together gives the absolute premium look. The name of the brand is imprinted on the top of it.

Boult Audio TWS - Design

Led lights are inside the case to show the charging level of the earbuds and light changes to red in charging mode. There is blue light inside earbuds that is active when in paired mode. Boult audio Zigbuds TWS Earbuds is durable as its build quality is superfine.

You get different sized ear tips for the earbuds, so you can choose the best fitting size according to your ears. We tried these earbuds for longer times also and they were genuinely comfortable throughout the time. The manufactures could have gone of type C charger under this price range but micro USB port too would work fine.


Sound Quality

It comes with a 10mm powerful driver. As the company claims the extra bass for these earbuds, we didn’t find them wrong. If you are a bass lover then you’d love Boult Zigbuds. One drawback we found is that sometimes the bass gets overpowered on full volume, so better you use them on 80% volume.

These earbuds are loud and give crispy clear vocals and instrumentals. Passive noise cancellation is one of the most trendy features of Boult audio Zigbuds TWS Earbuds.


These earbuds would entertain you for 18 hours continuously and that’s a pretty decent battery backup you’d get in this price range. (The battery backup depends on the volume level of the earbuds. At the volume of 75-80%, you’d be able to get 18 hours of music playback.)

Connectivity and Buttons

The earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 version that promises lower latency, lower battery consumption, better sound quality, and better connectivity too.



We did the microphone test of these earbuds and the person attending the call could hear us clearly without any sort of sound distortion. The microphone quality is very decent and can be used anywhere for receiving calls.

Special Features

Boult audio Zigbuds TWS Earbuds has an IPX7 rating which means you can use these earbuds anywhere without worrying about water or rain. These are waterproof and sweatproof too, so you can use these earbuds in the gym or during your workout.

Another special feature is that you can switch to low latency gaming mode while playing your favourite games. Low latency means less delay in audio from your device to your earbuds.

Summing up

Boult audio Zigbuds TWS Earbuds can be a good choice for casual listeners and bass lovers. These awesome earbuds can be used in the gym or during the workout as they are IPX7 waterproof certified. In conclusion, we must say that you will not regret buying these stunning premium earbuds.

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